Benchmark Plots

Do not use these plots in your talks or papers without giving credit to us! Cite the JINST paper(s) (more forthcoming very soon.)

Use these plots (and spreadsheet below) to validate your install of NEST. You should be able to reproduce these results to O(1%). Variation will be caused by your random number generator's seed and your exact Geant4 physics list. Particles were generated in an essentially infinite volume of liquid xenon, infinite because we only care about total yields in these plots, and not detector effects. You need to install NEST for yourself so that you can include those. Graphs are up-to-date as of NEST V0.98 (V1.0 for NR).

For low-energy electron recoils, nuclear recoils, and alpha particles (only in liquid xenon for now, even though the code does do gaseous xenon and liquid argon right now), you can calculate the scintillation and ionization yields precisely analytically with the Excel spreadsheet. For ER, yields from individual Compton or beta-decay vertices can be computed as a new experimental feature (although a full Geant4 simulation still needed for multiple-scatter gamma interactions).