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To clone the git repository and use the latest stable release:

> git clone

> cd nest

> git checkout tags/v2.0.0 -b master

Please see the documentation for more details.

Noble Element Simulation Technique, Version 2.0 July 18, 2018 (Major Refactor)

Fast C++ simulation of different particle types in liquid, gaseous, and solid xenon

  • Mean scintillation light and ionization charge yields
  • Variation in total quanta, and recombination fluctuations
  • Dependencies on energy, electric field strength, and density
  • Pulse shape models for both S1 and S2, including e-trains
  • Additional tools, for calculating leakage and limits

For "quick and dirty" results online, please see our web-based yields calculator sans fluctuations. Otherwise, please download the full C++ code above!